För ca ett år sedan gjorde jag en intervju med James Rolfe, även känd som The Angry Video Game Nerd. Tyvärr försvann den från världen under en tid, men jag har grävt fram den igen.


A. Were there ever a ”ground breaking” nerd video
that made you popular or did
the fans just constantly become more and more?

-It seems the fans just grew more and more. The Friday
the 13th video was one of the first to apply more
elaborate theatrics, which in turn, led fans to
discover my other work. So that may be the ground
breaking video.

B.After the ”Nightmare on Elm Street” you suddenly
started to do more that just game reviews. We got
movie reviews, and the Atari 5200 review wasn´t
exactly a review. What made you take the step to do
more than just game reviews?

-The Atari 5200 video may be one of my favorites for
that reason, that it stressed another kind of
situation that retro gamers can go through: trying to
get the system to work. You gotta find the right
adapter, and everything. So I wanted to make comedy
out of that. That’s how it goes, I explore whatever I
find to be funny.

C.Then there was The Christmas (Summer?) Special with
you and Captain S. How did that come to happen?

-PBC Productions contacted me, so we decided to shoot
it. It was a fun time and nice working with them.

1.Why do you think you are attracting a younger
audience? Is it because of all the swearing?

-I don’t know. I intended these videos for mature
gamers. Not only because of the swearing, but because
they’re about old games that my generation grew up
with. But it seems to attract the younger generation
as well. I didn’t expect it. But either way, it’s an
awesome fanbase I achieved.

2.Are there any similarities between James Rolfe and

-Not much, other than the voice and some of the
frustrations with the games, but just exaggerated.

3.Are you a celebrity now? Do people recognize on the

-I’ve been recognized on the street and in public
places, yes.

4.Apparently, the Nerd videos takes up a lot of your
time. Browsing your filmography, you can clearly see a
domination of Nerd videos during 2007. Do you think it
takes up too much of your time? Will you ever make
more episodes of The Jersey Odysseys for example?

-I plan on getting back to my other work, yes. But
without stopping the Nerd. The attention to the Nerd
has slowed my other projects, but at the same time,
gained more support and for that, its become very
important. I’m grateful for the Nerd.

5.Which one of your nerd-videos are you most pleased

-Hard to say. Probably the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
video or the Bugs Bunny one.

6.In your videos, we can see that you have a large
collection of video games. Are you a game collector or
do you just happend to have a lot of games?

-I owned a lot to begin with it, but gained a lot more
since the Nerd thing started. I get donations in the
mail and have a Paypal donation button on my
AngryVGNerd.com site. The fans have helped out a lot.

7. There is a lot of game reviewers out there (Spoony,
Irate etc.) and supposedly many based on your
character (The ”Christian” Nintendo Nerd, which
parodies avgn). Do you watch other game reviewers?

-No, I don’t really have time to watch much, but I’m
aware of what I started.

8.The DVD has now been released, how do you feel about

-It’s about time. And its payed off. So I’m glad it’s
doing as well as expected.

9.How do you feel about making more nerd videos in the
future? Is it getting boring?

-If I’ve been reviewing the games the same way I did
from the beginning, with the Castlevania 2 video, then
yes, it would get stale. But I make mini-movies out of
them to keep the videos lively and entertaining, for
the audience as well as myself. I keep it from getting boring.    

10.What are the most positive things the Nerd has
brought you?

-I’ve been making movies since I was a child, so its
nice to know some of the effort I’m doing is finally
paying off. The Nerd is bringing my career closer to
reality and just allowing me freedom to do the
creative things I dream of.


-It’s kept me very busy and it can get overwhelming to
keep up with. The emails alone and updates on my
website take several hours to do each day.

12.What are you doing ten years from now?

-Making movies that I’ve written years ago.

13.Do you listen to your fans? For example, if they
want you to change your style in your videos, would
you do that?

-Feedback is one thing, but the most important person
you need to listen to is yourself. Be honest to
yourself. If you change yourself to other people’s
demands, then things fall apart.

14.Browsing through forums people often refers to ”the
old nerd” and ”the new nerd”. What do they meen by

-Some people don’t make any sense. There’s no ”old
nerd” or ”new nerd”. It’s just the Nerd. They make it
sound like I’m some TV show or band that’s been around
for several years. If 2006 (counting the first two
videos from 2004), was the ”old nerd” and 2007 was the
start of the ”new nerd”, then so be it. It’ll just
keep getting newer and newer, and better and better.
No, the initial idea will never be as fresh as it once
started. Reviewing retro video games and exploding
over them with the intensity I’ve done was a new
thing, but now, its been exploited all over the
internet. Tons of people are reviewing games in my
style now, so you need to keep it fresh and original.
There’s big things planned in the future of the Angry
Video Game Nerd, so just stay tuned.

Thank you for your answers!

-Thanks for the interview and the unique questions, I
appreciate spreading the word of the nerd!

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