Kosmopolska: A game about imagination

Note: Aside from this post, this is a Swedish blog with Swedish articles. But I felt that this particular Swedish game deserves to be known to a wider audience, so I decided to write an English post about it. To all our Swedish readers, don’t worry, we will be returning to Swedish after this!

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KosmopolskaCoverBigThe game Kosmopolska, which was released on PC CD-ROM in 1997, begins with the unnamed main character finding himself locked in a prison cell, with amnesia. He has no idea who he is or why he’s imprisoned, and the only other person he can talk to is a prison guard who refuses to give him any information, other than vague hints that something terrible has happened. However, the main character (referred to as “The Self” in the game’s credits) soon begins to discover that when he looks or interacts with certain ordinary objects in the cell, he is mysteriously transported to a strange world of imagination for short periods of time. This world is a sort of alternate history in which Poland (implied to be under Soviet rule) is engaged in a space race with other nations, with the main characters in these sections being three enthusiastic Polish cosmonauts. The overarching goal of the game is to help Poland win the space race, while trying to figure out how the imaginary world is connected to the real world, and ultimately to find out who the prisoner is and why he is imprisoned. Fortsätt läsa ”Kosmopolska: A game about imagination”